About Us

this is our story

Gamerz retro and wireless is your one-stop shop for all your video game and cellular needs. we have a gaming saloon where our members can enjoy playing thier favorite video games.  come host next event at the gamerz vip lounge. 


Our vision

where we're going...

Our vision is to be a staple in each and every community that GR&W grows to be a part of in more ways then just one. Far too many times businesses open up and just take from a community by receiving payments for services. GR&W vows to be different. As minority business owners, we strive to be a positive role model for the urban community, with the intent of giving back and empowering our community. 


Our Mission

How we're going to get there...

Our Mission(s):

· We vow to sell a complete range of video games and cell phones that cater to the needs and wants of our community.

We’re here in part because of our love of video games as much as, if not more, than our customers. Because it’s “more than a game”, we move within this industry from a position of passion rather than financial gain. We want to ensure that we provide the titles that our community desires along with providing the cellular services that match all socio-economical statuses of all members of our community.

To this end, we order from a variety of suppliers, including alternative sources of supply. We strive to stay informed of trends and new developments in any areas our customers are interested in. If we do not stock an item a customer is seeking (or have sold out of a regular stock item), we will special order it immediately, at no extra charge, and inform them when it arrives. We will strive to maintain prices that are reasonable for all of our customers.

· We vow to infuse a sense of community in our customers.

GR&W is more than a video game and cell phone store. We provide a safe and fun “member’s only” environment for our customers to play a variety of games (i.e video, cards, board, etc…), socialize, and watch sporting events with other members that share similar interests. We want to meet and exceed their expectations every time they set foot in our store. We provide safe competitive events and tournaments for our customers of various interests, and we strive to go to extraordinary lengths to make them feel welcomed, valued, and satisfied. We guarantee that we will work hard to meet or exceed all of our customer’s expectations.

· We vow to support staff satisfaction and excellence

We offer fair compensation and a safe and professional working environment to our entire staff, as well as incentives to reward excellence. Each and every staff member is a valued contributor to the success of GR&W and receives the same consideration and respect as any other staff member. We strive to achieve an enthusiastic unity of purpose about our future while still honoring and understanding our differences and diversity as individuals.

GR&W is a minority owned business that is proud to offer equal opportunity employment. We strive to hire the most qualified personnel we can find regardless of race, age, gender, disability, religious affiliation, or sexual orientation.

· We vow to create wealth through profits and growth.

GR&W profits every day through voluntary exchange with our customers. Profit is important because it creates potential for growth, ensures job security, and ensures our overall financial success. We strive for growth in every aspect of our business. We diligently strive to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers, members and teammates. This growth includes our loyalty program for our repeating customers and incentives for our teammates. We will increase our inventory based on our customers’ needs and wants, and even expand our store to new or additional spaces to compensate for the growth of our customer base.

· We vow to support our community and encourage local involvement:

GR&W is intimately tied to Columbia and it’s surrounding area. Most of us not only work here, but live here as well. Our store is a reflection of those who shop here, and without them we wouldn’t exist. Our mutual interest goes beyond just the fun of playing video games, and when we can and it’s appropriate, we’ll respond to our community’s needs in several different ways:

o We will create a non-profit organization that promotes the increase of minority-owned businesses.

o We will donate a portion of our after-tax profits to local and national non-profit organizations that encourage or directly assist in the empowerment of our urban youth.

o We will donate product (and personnel support, where able) to local school and community events (i.e. food drive for local food banks, “Stuff-A-Bus” events for the youth, and back to school drives).